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☆ATTENTION of "Snowy Rabbit" Series Pre-order☆ONLINE

Dear customers,
We received a lot of requests for "Romantic Kimono" series.
We decided to increase the production of "Snowy Rabbit" series..
Thank you for your requests!

Please make sure to read up the notes below before you place an order.
☆These notes for overseas customers☆

If you'd go to stores, please check HERE
* Shopping links will appear below when the pre-order starts.

【Pre-order Start Date】
★ 5 pm on November 25th in order

Around December

【Limit Quantity of your Pre-order】
Please confirm the lists below about the limit quantity per order.

★Just one dress per customer per order.
★Just one Hair Accessory per customer per order.
Hair Accessory includes Snowy Ribbon Headdress, Koshibo Chirimen Ribbon Headdress, Snowy Rabbit Ribbon Barrette, Snowy Rabbit Ribbon Clip (set of 2).
Either one of these hair accessories.
★Just one Snowy Rabbit Scarf per customer per order.
★Just one pair of Snowy Rabbit Over Knee High Socks per order.

* If you don't follow the rules, your order will be cancelled automatically.
* This limit will be released from November 27th if there is remaining.






【Items For Production Increase】

・ Snowy Rabbit Tuck Ribbon Dress
・ Snowy Rabbit Bustle Lace-up Dress
・ Snowy Rabbit Over Knee High Socks
・ Snowy Rabbit Ribbon Barrette
・ Snowy Rabbit Ribbon Clip (set of 2)
・ Snowy Ribbon Headdress
6 items in all colorways

【Pre-order Start Date】
★ 5 pm on November 25th in order

【ARRIVAL DATE】Around February in 2017
* The schedule may change

*The payment should be completed when you place an order.
*There is no limit quantity of your order.

You cannot place a reproduction order with any other items.
Please place orders separately
*If you choose the wrong payment method, we'll tell you within a week.
*You cannot cancel your order in any reason.
*Please pick the credit card payment or PayPal payment (*international customers)
*When you choose the convenience payment(domestic only), please complete the payment within a week. If it passes without purchase, your order will be cancelled automatically.
*If you have a cancellation history, the order may be cancelled and may not take priority.

【Payment Method for international customers】
Please choose 【Credit Card Payment】 or 【PayPal Payment】.

★Please refer to the Japanese page if you're a domestic customer.

Please take it easy when you place a reproduction order.

(1)An auto-confirmation email is sent after you complete an order.
(2)An order confirmation email is manually sent within 2 month.
(3)Your shipping address is going to be confirmed by a email before the shipping.

(4)A shipping confirmation email is sent after your order is shipped out.

*If you don't receive any emails from us, please contact us within a month from the date you order.

*You cannot cancel your order in any reason.

*If there is an error on your order, we are going to tell you and cancel it.





Please feel free to ask if it says "out of stock"
If it says "out of stock" after the reservation has started, please feel free to contact us.

Please attach the information below to the email .
item number;
item name;
zip code;
phone number;
e-mail address;
payment method;

※We reply you after September 19th in Japan time.
Thank you for your understanding.
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