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Elena Velveteen High Waist Dress
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Elena Velveteen High Waist Dress

PRODUCT NO: 12083004


The dress is very impressive with the skirt spread gently. The elegant but sharpness outline is perfect for mature Lolita style ♡
You will enjoy classy design with Velveteen-specific.

*You can get tax exemption if your shipping address is outside Japan.

ブルーグリーン(Blue Green)

(50% OFF)
(¥17,400 + Tax)


(50% OFF)
(¥17,400 + Tax)


(50% OFF)
(¥17,400 + Tax)


- Black : off white lace/black ribbon/gold button

- Bordeaux : antique white lace/bordeaux ribbon/gold button

- Blue Green : antique white lace/blue green ribbon/gold button



shirred and lace-up back, comes with liner, zipper on left
* comes with crepe de Chine ribbon brooch (detachable)
* chemical lace is on the shoulder strap and bodice rim
* vertical chemical lace line on the dress
* rose chemical lace on the waist part and ribbon brooch
* decorative button on the front bodice
* rose and scallop lace on the skirt horizontally
* crepe de Chine ruffled hem
* lace-up back with grosgrain ribbon




velveteen (100% cotton), crepe de Chine (100% polyester), chemical lace, grosgrain ribbon, decorative button
* The shaded areas in the line sheet (waist part, ribbon brooch, ruffuled hem) are crepe de Chine.

★Length: BC-72cm(28.3in)+frill-5cm(2.0in)/BNP-93cm(36.6in)+frill-5cm(2.0in)
★Bust: 86cm(33.9in) * stretchy and adjustable with the shirred and lace-up back
★Waist: 75.5cm(29.7in) * stretchy and adjustable with the shirred and lace-up back
★Skirt Length: High Waist~62cm(24.4in)+fill-5cm(2.0in)/Waist Line~55cm(21.7in)+frill-5cm(2.0in)


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Styling #635

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Styling #635


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