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Cross Strap Mary Jane Shoes with Ribbon
  • WINTER SALE 2021
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Cross Strap Mary Jane Shoes with Ribbon

PRODUCT NO: 17041001-2019


These adorable shoes with ribbons are eye-catching but very comfortable with low-heels♡
Please enjoy changing the impression with the detachable parts.


♦ For Overseas Customers ♦ 
Please place an order for this item separately from other items. Shoes will be shipped alone internationally and are required the shipping cost for each pair.
A pair of shoes will be shipped alone, even if you ordered them together with other items or if you ordered two or more pairs of them. The shortage of the shipping cost will be charged after we receive the order.

*You can get tax exemption if your shipping address is outside Japan.

グリッターゴールド(Glitter Gold) S

(30% OFF)
(¥9,660 + Tax)





- Black: antique gold clasp

- Dark Brown: antique gold clasp

- Red: antique gold clasp

- Glitter Gold: gold clasp



The ribbon on the back is NOT detachable.

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon clip × 2
* adjustable ankle strap with ribbon × 2


available in 4 sizes; S, M, L and LL

size S: Japanese 22.5cm [21.5cm or smaller]
size M: Japanese 23.5cm [22 - 22.5cm]
size L: Japanese 24.5cm [23 - 23.5cm]
size LL:Japanese 25.5cm [24cm]

* This is based on common measurement table of ladies' shoes.
* The values in [ ] are actual measurement values that are the recommended size of the feet with our basic socks. The measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.



faux leather


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