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[Plus Size] Queen of witch Dress

PRODUCT NO: 12004018


The queen that every witch longs for ...The black queen who uses the witchcraft of darkness and the white queen who uses the witchcraft of light
The dress which is expressing the sparkle of witchcraft as lurex is perfect gorgeous design for the name of the queen. The dress that flares greatly from the bodice with bones, is come with overskirt wchich is like in the magic.
Big ribbon in the back and the sleeves that spread lightly on the arm that plays witchcraft. Get closer to your dream with a sparkling magical dress ★

*You can get tax exemption if your shipping address is outside Japan.


(¥50,800 + Tax)

オフ白(Off White)

(¥50,800 + Tax)


- Black : black flower printed fabric/ black and gold lurex tulle/ gold lace・braid・charm/ black ribbon/ black faux flower

- Off White : off white flower printed fabric/ off white and gold lurex tulle/ gold lace・braid・charm/ off white ribbon/ off white faux flower


lined, zipper on left, shirred back, with lace-up parts, 4.5cm low-waisted

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
 * sleeves
 * bow brooch with faux flower × 1
 * big bow brooch with tear drop charm × 1

<The changes from the sample product>
- The lurex tulle frill on the chest is lettuce edge.
- The front lace-up is bilaterally symmetrical.
- The upper sleeves is bigger than sample. (circumference: about 35cm *stretchy (max about 48cm))
- The zipper is on the left.

Queen of witch

main part fabric : satin back shantung (100% polyester)
1st accent fabric : flower and stripe printed fabric (100% cotton)
2nd accent fabric : lurex tulle (62% nylon, 25% polyester, 13% cupro)

lurex torchon lace, lurex torchon braid, satin ribbon, tear drop charm, faux flower

This dress is Plus Size.

★Length: BC-92.5cm(36.4in) / BNP-113.5cm(44.6in) *not including overskirt
★Bust: 94cm(37.0in) ~ approx. max 140cm(55.1in)
★Waist: 78cm(30.7in) ~ approx. max 125cm(49.2in) *4.5cm low-waisted
★Sleeve Length: 57cm(22.4in) + frill 7cm(2.7in)
★Skirt Length: WL-74.5cm(29.3in) *low-waist (4.5cm) + flower print skirt part (60cm) + 2-layered frill (10cm)
★Overskirt Length: WL-84cm(33.0in)

* Regarding the max size, the product was put on a flat surface and measured. Please note that the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.


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