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[Plus Size] Stella Dress
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[Plus Size] Stella Dress

PRODUCT NO: 12011010


We introduce the latest dress with a beautiful line that flares lightly♪
The good news is that your style will be completed quickly with the choker necklace and cuffs !
The round collar yoke is detachable, so it's recommended to layer it with a blouse with plenty of frills ♡

*You can get tax exemption if your shipping address is outside Japan.

黒×黒(Black x Black)

(¥27,000 + Tax)

黒×オフ白(Black x Off White)

(¥27,000 + Tax)

えんじ×オフ白(Bordeaux x Off White)

(¥27,000 + Tax)

紫×黒(Purple x Black)

(¥27,000 + Tax)


- Black x Black : black chiffon/ black lace/ black ribbon/ silver charm

- Black x Off White : off white chiffon/ off white lace/ black ribbon/ silver charm

- Bordeaux x Off White : off white chiffon/ off white lace/ bordeaux ribbon/ antique gold charm

- Purple x Black : black chiffon/ black lace/ purple ribbon/ silver charm


lined except for sleeves, shirred and lace up back, zipper on left side

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* choker necklace (tie up in the back)
* ribbon brooch with charm × 1
* round collar yoke
* cuffs (detachable by snap button)
* waist back ribbon


polyester chambray (100% polyester) for Black and Purple dress, amunzen (100% polyester) for Bordeaux dress, chiffon for accent fabric, chemical lace, tulle lace, satin ribbon, 2 types of cross charms

This dress is Plus Size.

★Length: BNP-104cm(40.9in)
★Bust: 95cm(37.4in) ~ approx. max 105cm(41.3in)
★Waist: 79cm(31.1in) ~ approx. max 90cm(35.4in)
★Sleeve Length: 28cm(11.0in) 
★Skirt Length: WL-65cm(25.5in)

* Regarding the max size, the product was put on a flat surface and measured. Please note that the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
* The maximum size is measured the product with the shirring part stretched. There are individual differences in the feeling of wearing, and it may feel tight.



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