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[Plus Size]Flocked Shantung Corset Style Dress
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[Plus Size]Flocked Shantung Corset Style Dress

PRODUCT NO: 12012009


The flocky fabric that draws a delicate pattern makes the dress noble ♪
Two types of dresses are available: a damask pattern with beautiful curves and an original ornament pattern with a cute singing bird motif.
Since the bones are in the waist part, the silhouette looks beautiful ♡

*You can get tax exemption if your shipping address is outside Japan.

生成系(ダマスク)Antique White(Damask Pattern)

(¥36,800 + Tax)

紺系(ダマスク)Navy(Damask Pattern)

(¥36,800 + Tax)

ピンク系(オリジナル)Pink(Original Ornament Pattern)

(¥36,800 + Tax)

Flocked Shantung Corset Style Dress

This item is available for pre-order

Pre-Order Starts
Online : around 5:00 p.m. on June 4th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store : opening time on June 5th (Sat)

Estimated Arrival Date: Early to mid-July 2021

* Schedule may change.
* Quantities are limited for the pre-order.
* The end of the date of the pre-order is not settled yet.

- Flocked Shantung Corset Style Dress (Regular Size, Plus Size)
- Lace Frill Headband

* The dress come in 2 sizes, Regular Size, and Plus Size.
Please check the size on each product page before placing an order. You cannot change size after placing a pre-order.

* Please make payment in full when you place an order.
* Please choose a payment method from a list below if you are an international customer.
 [Acceptable method of payment] PayPal / Credit Card / China UnionPay / Alipay
* If you don't complete payment, your order will be cancelled automatically.
* If there are malicious repeated cancellation on your order history, we may have to decline your order.
* We will ship your order when all of your ordered items are ready.
* Please note that the details and fabrics might be changed without any notifications.
* Please order this series and items not in this series SEPARATELY.


♡ Damask Pattern ♡

- Antique White : antique white chiffon/ black lace/ black ribbon/ gold decorative button

- Navy : navy chiffon/ black lace/ navy ribbon/ silver decorative button

♡ Original Ornament Pattern ♡

- Pink : off white chiffon/ off white lace/ pink ribbon/ gold decorative button


lined, shirred back, pull over, bone in the front waist part

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon bow brooch
* back waist ribbon


flocked shantung (100% polyester) for Damask Pattern,
flocked printed fabric (100% polyester) for Original Ornament Pattern,
chiffon (100% polyester), chemical lace, tulle lace, torchon lace, satin ribbon

This dress is Plus Size.

★Length: BC-77cm(30.3in) + lace / BNP-98cm(38.58in) + lace
★Bust: 94cm(37in) ~ approx. max 140cm(55.1in)
★Waist: 78cm(30.7in) ~ approx. max 125cm(49.2in)
★Skirt Length: W-59cm(23.2in) + lace

* Regarding the max size, the product was put on a flat surface and measured. Please note that the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
* The maximum size is measured the dress with the shirring part stretched. There are individual differences in the feeling of wearing, and it may feel tight.
* This product is a pullover dress. To wear, the bust or hips need to pass through the maximum waist size.


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