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Lolita fashion brand that fulfills dreams [ Metamorphose ]

Make Your Dreams Come True

meatmorphose tamps de fille


The lovely girl who you wanted to be when you were little,
Like a heroine in a fairy tale,
A princess in a coloring book, a lady in a novel,
A secret witch girl, a pop idol you were absorbed in!


Have you ever had a dream of being a lovely girl like them?
Do you still hold the dream even though you have now grown up?


Metamorphose is a fashion brand which makes your dreams come true.
We will turn you into a lovely girl with a pretty dress, elegant dress, beautiful lace or lots of ribbons.


Metamorphose will cast a wonderful spell on you.

What's magic for today?

Princess in the Dream


Gorgeous and luxurious dressing♪
When you wear a cloak dress,
It's a princess's outing style☆

Japanese-Style Lolita

With playful Japanese pattern,
Outfit in a combination of
Japanese and Western-style♪

Cute Detective♪

You'll be a master detective
When you wear a casquette?!
Let's begin an investigation!
Doggies will help you♥

Marine Style Girl

Be cool with marine style.
Cute but handsome a bit.

Metamorphose has lots of series with original items!
You can easily choose the outfit that is pulled whole look together from our product line.
Let's start out Lolita fashion with our series items.


You can be different person from you were yesterday with different types of clothes everyday☆
Make a normal day special with Metamorphose!

Basic, but...
Your favorites


candy shower ワンピースcandy shower アクセサリーcandy shower カチューシャ

Noble. Decadently.
With a solemn view of the world

Gothic Lolita


Different styles blended together
New Lolita style


Diavolo ワンピースDiavolo アクセサリーDiavolo カチューシャ

A scholar in a parallel universe☆ You can also be a trainee wizard.

School & Military


The dresses of Metamorphose are clothes that lay an enchantment on you.


* Be different from what you are usual and enjoy something new...
* Cheer up yourself by dressing up sweetly and lovely...
* Wear a beautiful dress like a princess you used to wish for, and make your life fuller...


It's a magic that make your every day life happier
Metamorphose will help you make your happiness with our original design, well-tailored products and various items that you can enjoy mixing and matching with.


About Metamorphose

Metamorphose is a pioneering
Lolita fashion brand.

"I want to be cuter and more lovely. And I'd like to express myself in many ways such as to be sometimes pretty and sometimes noble like a lady to fit my mood."

We are there for the girls who have an idea like this and we design and provide a wide variety of original Lolita fashion items.

We have all items that you wear Lolita fashion from head to toe, like dresses, shoes, hair accessories, etc.
You can enjoy the unique styling that you can't find anywhere else.


As a specialty brand, we have high-quality and variety of the must-have items for Lolita fashion like a pannier to expand a skirt.

Please enjoy glamorous days with Metamorphose ♡


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Metamorphose temps de fille is a Lolita Fashion Brand in Japan. Please share your photo with #mtdf !

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