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Acceptable Method of Payment


Credit Card

No handling fee
Acceptable Credit Card:
* You can make a payment by installments, if your credit card company has the plan. Please ask your credit card company about the selectable number of split times, handling fee, etc.
All personal and billing information is transmitted using a secure SSL protocol.


The payment by PayPal is acceptable. A PayPal account is required.
About PayPal: PayPal official website (Please select your country.)

About Pay Later

Pay Later is available in seven countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. (as of June, 2023)

*Please refer to the PayPal website of the country where your PayPal account is registered as the service options differ from country to country. For details, please contact PayPal in your country.

For example...



The payment by Alipay is acceptable.
About Alipay: Alipay official website



"UnionPay" is an e-commerce service with UnionPay card issued by banks in mainland China.
About UnionPay: UnionPay official website