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About Shipping


We ship internationally. International shipping should arrive within two weeks.
Please note that it may take more than two weeks depending on the country.

* We ship internationally only by EMS or DHL. You cannot choose the shipping option.

Please be informed that paying any customs for the items shipped internationally is the responsibility of the recipient.
* Do not ask us to write the price on the invoice lower than the actual value. We will not be able to fulfill this kind of request.
* You cannot cancel your order or refuse to receive your parcel because of these import-related payments.

Shipping Rate

Shipping Rate to Asia*1
item amount postage
Under 5,000 YEN 1,900 YEN
5,001 YEN - 20,000 YEN 3,000 YEN
20,001 YEN - 40,000 YEN 3,500 YEN
40,001 YEN + over 4,000 YEN
Shipping Rate to Other Areas
item amount postage
Under 5,000 YEN 3,800 YEN
5,001 YEN - 20,000 YEN 4,500 YEN
20,001 YEN - 40,000 YEN 5,400 YEN
40,001 YEN + over 5,000 YEN

*1: Asia is the countries in the "First Zone" and "Second Zone" on the page that the following link represents :


EMS official website

DHL official website

The temporary shipping option during the suspension of EMS due to the COVID-19 epidemic

* The order to the destination where EMS is temporarily unavailable will be shipped by DHL when the shipping cost by DHL is approximately the same as the cost by EMS.
* We will ask DHL for a quotation of the shipping cost if your shipping address is not in the USA or Australia and EMS is not available. When the shipping cost to your shipping address by DHL is much higher than EMS, we will ask you which to choose, to ship your order by DHL for an extra shipping cost or to hold for shipment until Japan Post resumes the acceptance of EMS. (more details)


Shipping Process

Your order will be shipped out within a few business days of receiving the order if all items you ordered are in stock of the online shop.
In the case that one or more items of your order need to be back-ordered, it will take a few more business days to be shipped it out.

* It might be take longer depending on circumstances of orders etc.
* Regarding the pre-order, we will notify you via email as soon as the shipping schedule has been fixed.
* Please note that the EMS cannot be specify the delivery date and time. There is no space like a remarks column on the EMS label to write a request.
* When an order is shipped by DHL, it will be shipped in the DHL's shipping box. (There are some exceptions depending on the items.)


♦ Notification:

• Orders are shipped individually as ordered.
 * We do not ask you to combine orders even if you place several orders in a short period of time.
 * Only before the start of preparation for shipment, orders can be combined and shipped together at your request. Please note that we do not notify you of the start of preparation for shipment. The extra shipping cost will be refunded by adding the Metamorphose points to your account instead of a refund to your PayPal/credit card account. Membership registration is required to receive the Metamorphose point.
 * We will not accept a request to combine shipping of pre-orders for different series because we prepare for shipment in each pre-order series.
 * During a peak season, an arrival time of pre-order items, a sale period, etc., we might not able to meet your request for combining orders without notification.

• An umbrella, a bag or a pair of shoes is shipped alone. Please place an order separately from other items.
 * When you order these items and other items together or when you order more than one these items, shipping cost will be charged separately.


For Domestic Customers

For information on domestic shipping fee etc., please refer to HERE.