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The Announcement of the Additional Production of the Kimono Style Blouse

☆ Additional Production of the Kimono Style Blouse ☆


Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose.
In response to your requests, we decided to additionally produce the "Kimono Style Blouse".



< Additional Production >
• Kimono Style Blouse (Black, Off White)



< Arrival Date >
around December 2020 - January 2021
*Schedule may change.



< Pre-Order Starts >
Online: around 5 p.m. on September 11th (Fri) 2020 (JST)
In-Store: opening time on September 12th (Sat) 2020



*If you have already put your name on the waiting list for this blouse, the store that received your request will contact you.
*There is no limit number of the pre-order for the additional production.




[Online Shop] Regarding the shipment:
If you pre-order this blouse ( [Additional Production] Kimono Style Blouse) and other items of this series together, your order will be shipped when the blouse is ready. Please note that the request for combining the pre-order for this additional production and other orders to ship them together will NOT be accepted.




We are looking forward to your order.




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