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【Pre-Order】"Antique Gothic Doll -Eternal Promise-" will be available for pre-order from December 9th online


A gauze and chiffon dress with a decadent beauty.
The design of skirt is short front long back.
It is also possible to change the silhouette by using the tuck-up parts on the side,
so you can enjoy arranging it.
In order to emphasize the volume, the inside of the overskirt is luxuriously decorated with frills.
If you coordinate the dress with series blouse, then you can make one-piece dress style.
You can make your style even more luxurious and special♪

Don't miss it♪




Antique Gothic Doll -Eternal Promise-

 < Pre-Order Starts >
Online : around noon on December 9th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store : opening time on December 10th (Fri)

< Estimated Arrival Date >
April - May 2023

* Schedule may change.
* Please note that there is a possibility of delay in production or shipment due to the epidemic of COVID-19.
In the event of the change of arrival date, we will make an announcement as soon as possible.

< Products >
- Antique Gothic Doll Dress (Regular Size, Plus Size)
- Antique Gothic Doll Blouse (Regular Size, Plus Size)
- Antique Gothic Doll Half Bonnet with Veil

* The dress and blouse come in 2 sizes, Regular Size, and Plus Size.
Please check the size on each product page before placing an order. You cannot change size after placing a pre-order.




Announcement Regarding COVID-19 and Current Operations

Before placing an order, please read this announcement.


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