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【New Arrival】"Daydreaming Goldfish Short Sleeve OP" will be available online on February 17th (Fri)


The popular "Daydream Goldfish" print is now available as a short-sleeved OP♪
The large ribbon brooch which is like an obi sash, tassels, and checkered ribbon are used to fully incorporate the elements of Japanese Lolita, while the shirring, loose sleeves, and cool lining make it a comfortable to spend even in summer.
Of course, you can also layer it with a long-sleeved blouse,
so please enjoy coordinating it according to the season ♪

The ribbon clip is set of 2. And the size of clip is very useful size, so it's easy to attach with any hairstyle, and it's perfect for when you want to make your style more gorgeous !

Don't miss out♥




Daydreaming Goldfish Short Sleeve OP

 <Release Date >
Online : around noon on February 17th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store : opening time on February 18th (Sat)


- Daydreaming Goldfish Short Sleeve OP
- Ribbon Clips with Tassels (set of 2)




Announcement Regarding COVID-19 and Current Operations

Before placing an order, please read this announcement.


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