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【Only at Online Shop】Announcement of the Sticker Fair

Announcement of cancellation of the Sticker Fair
We decided to discontinue the rest of the Sticker Fair that has been postponed, because we have not been able to ship orders to some of the countries. We apologize for this cancellation.

We would like to have a fair like this at another time. Thank you for your understanding.

(updated: June 19th 2020)

Thank you for visiting our website.


We are happy to announce that we have < Sticker Fair > again!


Only at online shop☆


The < cute original sticker > will be enclosed in the order on a first-come-first shipped basis☆


As 1st offer will start on March 27th (Fri)!
Don't miss it out☆


【 Start in March 】
March 27th (Fri) ~
Design: < Kitten and Tulip >


【 Start in April 】
April 24th (Fri) ~
Design: < >


【 Start in May 】
May 29th (Fri) ~
Design: < >

It will be held on after June☆

< Schedule >
1st: Kitten and Tulip
March 27th (Fri) 5:00 p.m. ~* first-come-first shipped basis


< Stores >
• Official Online Shop
• Rakuten Store


< How to get the sticker >
The sticker will be enclosed on a first-come-first shipped basis when you place an order at Metamorphose official online shop or Rakuten store.
* The stickers are limited in quantity at each store.


The sticker is available on all orders☆
The original sticker will be designed with a much-loved pattern or an yet-to-be-released pattern…★


The sticker is limited in quantity each time and will be offered for the third month straight.
Please get all stickers♪


We are really looking forward to your order☆

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Metamorphose temps de fille is a Lolita Fashion Brand in Japan. Please share your photo with #mtdf !

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