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☆New Arrival☆ Outer 2023 - the Cloak Style Vest has arrived

The Cloak Style Vest of the Outer 2023 Collection has just arrived♡

The Cloak Style Vest is an outerwear with a slightly unique design that combination of a vest and a cape♪
The body part is a vest that will keep you warm, and the area from
the shoulders to the sleeves is a cloak, so you can wear it regardless
of the style of the sleeves.
It is made from two types of fabric♪
You can choose from warm and light wool flannel fabric or
chambray fabric that can be enjoyed throughout the season♥

Don't miss it♪



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-Cloak Style Vest (Wool Flannel)
-[Plus Size] Cloak Style Vest (Wool Flannel)
-Cloak Style Vest (Chambray)
-[Plus Size]Cloak Style Vest (Chambray)


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