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★☆ Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku ☆ Welcome Campaign ☆★

★☆ Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku ☆ Welcome Campaign ☆★

Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose.


The much-loved Metamorphose Shinjuku was closed recently …(´;ω;`)


Here is a good news for you who are miss Shinjuku store♪♪


Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku will hold the 『Welcome Campaign』!! (oゝД・)b


We are looking forward to your visit to Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku☆彡


* Please note Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku will be close from February 17th (Mon) to 19th (Wed) because the building is closed.

..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○


《Get the point-up ticket!》


Period◇ February 15th (Sat) - March 31st (Tue)


Show that you follow Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku's Twitter account on the smartphone screen, Get the ticket of shop-point 『+1』


Show or apply for the Laforet Card in addition to following the Harajuku store's Twitter account, Get the ticket of shop-point 『+2』♪♪


Please register Metamorphose official LINE in advance. The staff will proceed on LINE.(^^)


Of course, you can register on the day of your visit!!


The stamp of additional point will be put with purchases of 5,000 yen or more on the day or by the due date☆


The ticket is required for the additional stamp.


* One ticket per person



《UnionPay 5%OFF Campaign》


Period◇ February 15th (Sat) - March 31st (Tue)


During the campaign period, you can get 5% off when you make a payment with UnionPay card!!


You can use tax-free service, too.(^^)


* Please note that you cannot use LINE coupon in conjunction with this offer.

..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○


Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku is the only store in Kanto area.


We are really looking forward to meeting you at Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku


..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○☆ *:..。o○


★Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku★
Business Hours: 11:00〜21:00


Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku's Twitter→@metamorharajuku


☆Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku's Blog☆

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