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☆New Arrival☆ "Sailor Collection 2024" has arrived

The Sailor Collection 2024 that was very popular during the pre-order period has just arrived☆


The OP that completes your outfit with just one piece ♪
The blouse and skirt have a basic sailor design.
A new hat that is easy to wear is now available in the Sailor Collection !
We were particular about the depth and the width of folded part, so it shows off the shape of your head.
If you coordinate with series items, you can enjoy the world view of the Sailor Collection even more♪

Don't miss it♪


Sailor Collection 2024

< Products >
Sailor Tiered OP
[Plus Size] Sailor Tiered OP
Sailor Blouse
[Plus Size] Sailor Blouse
[Plus Plus Size] Sailor Blouse
Sailor Tucked Skirt
[Plus Size]Sailor Tucked Skirt
[Plus Plus Size]Sailor Tucked Skirt
Sailor Hat
Sailor Printed Over the Knee Socks 

* The OP comes in 2 sizes, Regular Size, and Plus Size.
The blouse and skirt come in 3 sizes, Regular Size, Plus Size and Plus Plus Size.
Please check the size on each product page before placing an order. You cannot change size after placing a pre-order.

The special site of the Sailor Collection 2024 Plus Plus Size*Int'l Shipping Only.





Order Online♪



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