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Laforet Grand Bazar Winter 2020

★☆ Laforet Grand Bazar Winter 2020 ☆★


Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose.


The biannual sale Laforet Grand Bazar will be held at Laforet Harajuku Store from January 23rd (Thu)♪ (*≧∀≦*)


Wonderful events are scheduled on each day♪


Please check it out!




【 Laforet Harajuku ☆ Opening Hours 】


●January 22nd (Wed) 11:00〜18:00


●January 23rd (Thu) 9:00〜21:00


●January 24th (Fri) - 27th (Mon) 11:00〜21:00




【 Laforet Grand Bazar Winter 2020 】
January 23rd (Thu) - 27th (Mon)


★ Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku ☆ Time Schedule ★


Please note that other stores and official online shop do not respond to inquiries about this event nor accept any order for the products for this event.


> January 23rd (Thu) 9:00 ~ OPEN!!


9:00 ~ ★Exclusive★


【Gingham Series (ギンガムチェック シリーズ)】


Only at Laforet Harajuku * Yellow


Presale * Red, Black


11:00 ~ ★Presale★

【The Beauties of Nature ~blooming flower dress for maiden~ Series (花鳥風月〜乙女のはなごろも〜シリーズ)】


New Color "Red" (*^▽^*)


* Customers who makes a payment by Union Pay (銀聯) will receive 5% discount♪


17:00 ~【Multibuy Discount (セット割・Set Wari)】


Target Items: 20 % - 50 % off sale items
・Buy 2 additional 10 % off
・Buy 3 additional 20 % off


※Non-sale items and sample products are exempt from this offer.


> January 24th (Fri)


11:00 ~ ★Exclusive Advance Pre-Order★


【Classical Dress Series (クラシカルドレス シリーズ)】


This is a classical dress specially for Laforet Grand Bazar(*^ω^*)


17:00 ~【Sample Product Sale (サンプル大放出)】


The B-grade products and sample products will be available!
You can get rare sample products or B-grade products at bargain prices♪


※16:45〜 (Please line up on a first-come-first-served basis.)
* Do NOT come to line up before 16:45.
* You can shop for 10 minutes. Please get in a line again if you would like to shop more.
* The number of customers in the store might be limited in some situations.


17:00 ~【Outer Sale (アウター祭り)】


Please check the items at the store...☆彡


> January 25th (Sat)


11:00 ~ ★Special Advance Pre-Order★


【Magical artefact Seires】


The items in the new colorway "Navy" of the much-loved series made of the black cat printed fabric will be available ( ☆∀☆)




17:00 ~ 【Flat Price Sale (ザ・均一・The Kin-itsu)】


Some of the in-store sale items will be discounted to a flat price♪


> January 26th (Sun)


17:00 ~ 【Limited-Time Sale (帰ってきた!タイムセール)】


A hugely popular limited-time sale will come back!!


> January 27th (Mon)


15:00 ~ 【FEVER TIME】


The customary special limited-time offer on the final day "FEVER TIME"!
Don't miss out on this great deal!!(o≧▽゜)o




【Every Day】
5-Day Special Sale during Laforet Grand Bazar★


Only at Grand Bazar! 10%OFF!!
◆Blooming Flower Lace Bolero
◆Lace Flower Haori Jacket


They are recommended to wear with the presale series "The Beauties of Nature ~blooming flower dress for maiden~".
Don't miss a chance to get these beautiful lace items at a discounted price (゜∇^d)!!


The must haves for Lolitas will be available at Laforet special price!!
Plus!! The daily special items like latest products etc. will be 20% off☆


Some set items will be available at special prices!
The price will be guaranteed for lowest price until the close of Grand Bazar☆


We will give 「Early Bird Coupon (朝チケ・Asa-Ticket)」 to customers who come and line up before the store opens.♪


* You can use 「Early Bird Coupon (朝チケ・Asa-Ticket)」until 2 p.m. every day.


* At Metamorphose, you can use 「Early Bird Coupon (朝チケ・Asa-Ticket)」 only for sale items. Please note this coupon is not valid on a purchase on non-sale items like latest items.


When you make a payment by Laforet Card during Grand Bazar, you will get additional 5% off on your credit-card bill!


* The payment by credit card is required.
* We do not accept the change after you make a payment.
* For further information, please ask at the Laforet Card Information Counter (3.5F).



There are lots of events and special offers!


We are looking forward to seein you at Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku★




Please check the latest information:
★ Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku ★
Open Hours: 11:00 - 21:00
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