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[Plus Plus Size] Cats and Cherry Cake Dress with Overskirt *Int'l Shipping Only

Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose Online Shop.

Only for the overseas customers, the dress in "Plus Plus Size" will also be available. Please find your size from three sizes, regular size, plus size and plus plus size♪
Please check it out!

*Limited quantity.
*This item is shipped only internationally.

*The dresses in the image are regular size.

♦ Cats and Cherry Cake Dress with Overskirt (Plus Plus Size)

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Metamorphose Official Online Shop
* This items is available only at Metamorphose Official Online Shop and English Customer Support Team will handle the orders. Other stores, Domestic Mail-Order and Chinese Customer Support Team do not reply any inquiry regarding this item.
* We ship this item internationally only. Please note that the order will be cancelled automatically if the shipping address is in Japan.
* If you use the parcel forwarding service to ship your order overseas, you must fill in your own information as the billing information, not the parcel forwarding company's information.

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• Cats and Cherry Cake Dress with Overskirt (Plus Plus Size)

*This size is a little larger than the "Plus Size".

The dress in regular size and plus size, and other products are available for pre-order on the following page:
Cats and Cherry Cake



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