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If you don't receive an email from us.

Please set your incoming mail to receive emails from us (domain: If you don't receive any email from us more than one week after you placed an order or make an inquiry, please contact us.
Metamorphose Mail-Order Department
English Customer Support is closed every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays in Japan

Layaway Order (Only for domestic customers)

Only for domestic customers, we have a layaway plan. We will hold the item of your choice with a deposit for up to one month. Please put "Put (product name) on layaway" in the message column when you place an order. We will notify you an acceptance of the layaway by email and ask you a deposit. Please leave a deposit by postal transfer, credit card or convenience store payment within a week of receiving an acceptance email of layaway. You cannot choose "cash on delivery" as a payment method for a deposit.
* A deposit should be more than 10% of the value of the purchase.
* We do not have a layaway plan for international orders. Please make a payment in full when you place an order.
Important Notice
* The item will be held for up to one month from ordering, not from the day of leaving a deposit.
* A layaway is accepted only above a 10,000 JPY purchase.
* If you do not make a final payment within a month of ordering, your order will be cancelled without notice. In that case, your deposit will not be refunded.
* If there are malicious repeated cancellations on your order history, we may have to decline your request for layaway.
* The price is the one when you place an order. Please note that your purchase price will not be discounted even when the item is discounted after you placed an order.
* The sale items cannot be put on layaway.
Purchase Process
1. Place an order with a message "Put (product name) on layaway"
2. Leave a deposit after receiving an acceptance email of layaway
3. Make a final payment with in a month of ordering
4. Your order will be shipped out after we confirm your final payment
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Turn cookies on or off
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