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Regarding the International Shipping

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According to the news about EMS from Japan Post, the acceptance of items is temporarily suspended and considerable delays are expected since the COVID-19 pandemic.


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For overseas customers,

We ship internationally by EMS or DHL.
* You cannot specify the shipping option.

Please be informed that paying the customs clearance fee, customs duty and some other relevant taxes for items shipped internationally is the responsibility of the recipient. You cannot cancel your order or refuse to receive your parcel because of these import-related payments.
* Do not ask us to write the price on the invoice lower than the actual value. We will not be able to fulfill this kind of request.

As transportation performance has declined drastically due to immigration restrictions on visitors between some countries/areas and Japan and restrictions on flights from/to that country, among other reasons, the acceptance of EMS items by Japan Post is temporarily suspended and the considerable delays are expected.
Please also refer to the latest news from Japan Post and the information from a post office in the destination country.

< News on Japan Post website >
* The news in Japanese might be updated ahead of English version.

If Japan Post temporarily suspends the acceptance of EMS to the country of your shipping address, your order will be processed as follows:
* The order to the destination where EMS is temporarily unavailable will be shipped by DHL when the shipping cost by DHL is approximately the same as the cost by EMS.
* We will ask DHL for a quotation of the shipping cost if your shipping address is not in the USA or Australia and EMS is not available. When the shipping cost to your shipping address by DHL is much higher than EMS, we will ask you which to choose, to ship your order by DHL for an extra shipping cost or to hold for shipment until Japan Post resumes the acceptance of EMS.

* Regarding the import duty when an order is shipped by DHL
To the countries listed below, we can ship your order by DHL instead of EMS. When the merchandise total of your order is more than the amount shown below, we will ask you whether you would like us to ship your order by DHL or to hold it until EMS is available again at each order. We will not ask you about the shipment when you write a message "I have understood regarding import duty when shipping by DHL" or "Hold shipment until Japan Post resume the acceptance of EMS" in the notes column when you place an order.
Please note that there is no guarantee that the customs are not imposed on you even if the merchandise total is lower than the amount below or if the package is shipped by EMS.

The package delivered by DHL will be charged import duty when the merchandise total is over the amount below.
- To the USA: 800 USD
- To Australia: 1,000 AUD
- To Canada: 20 CAD
*This information is as of 6 December 2021.

*Customers should get the latest information regarding import to your country including the information above on your own responsibility. We would like to help customers by providing information for your convenience, but we will not be responsible for import duty and any other extra cost regarding import items.

If your package is returned to us because of the additional temporary suspension of EMS, we will ship it by DHL as soon as we receive it. If the package cannot be shipped by DHL, we hold it for shipment and will re-ship it when Japan Post announces that the situation of EMS delivery returns to normal.

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