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Latest Information (update: Jan/6/2022)

Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose.

Here is the latest information from the Metamorphose English Support Team. Please check it out☆

(update: January/6/2022)


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Latest Series


Wizard's Herbology -Secret Recipe-

The dress made of the antique feeling print fabric of the medical herb and the matching items are now available for pre-order☆

herbology 1

herbology 2

*Please check the details of size on each product page.


Order Online:

herbology order


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Immediate Shippable Items

We will ship the products immediately as long as they are in stock♪


Black Cat and the Magical Map (Purple)

The Black Cat and the Magical Map dress is now available. Limited quantity☆

black cat 1


Order Online:

black cat order



Please also check...
Announcement Regarding COVID-19 and Current Operations

Before placing an order, please read this announcement.


We are looking forward to your order♥



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English Customer Support is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and the national holidays in Japan.
* You can also place an order on holidays.

National Holidays in Japan (January, February 2022)
1 Jan: New Year's Day
10 Jan: Coming-of-age Day
11 Feb: National Foundation Day
23 Feb: The Emperor's Birthday



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