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【Pre-Order】"Outer 2023" will be available for pre-order from September 15th online


Metamorphose would like to introduce "Outer 2023" ♥

Heart Frill Coat is soft and light to wear♪
The collar and heart pocket are decorated with plenty of frills ♥
The fabric covered buttons on the front are easy to fasten,
and the cuffs are fastened with snap buttons, so it's very easy to wear♪

Cloak Style Vest is an outerwear with a slightly unique design that combination of a vest and a cape♪
The body part is a vest that will keep you warm, and the area from
the shoulders to the sleeves is a cloak, so you can wear it regardless
of the style of the sleeves.
It is made from two types of fabric♪
You can choose from warm and light wool flannel fabric or
chambray fabric that can be enjoyed throughout the season♥

Don't miss it♪




Outer 2023

 < Pre-Order Starts >
Online : around noon on September 15th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store : opening time on September 16th (Sat)

[ATTENTION for ordering a Heart Frill Coat]
You can order only one Heart Frill Coat per order. Please separate orders if you want to order more than one item. One coat per box can be shipped internationally and is required the shipping cost for each coat.
Even if you ordered Heart Frill Coat together with other outerwear or if you ordered two or more. The shortage of shipping cost will be charged after we receive the order.

< Estimated Arrival Date >
November - early December 2023

* Schedule may change.
* Please note that there is a possibility of delay in production or shipment.
In the event of the change of arrival date, we will make an announcement as soon as possible.

< Products >
-Heart Frill Coat
-[Plus Size] Heart Frill Coat
-Cloak Style Vest (Wool Flannel)
-[Plus Size] Cloak Style Vest (Wool Flannel)
-Cloak Style Vest (Chambray)
-[Plus Size]Cloak Style Vest (Chambray)

* The coat and vest come in 2 sizes, Regular Size, and Plus Size.
Please check the size on each product page before placing an order. You cannot change size after placing a pre-order.


Regarding the International Shipping

Before placing an order, please read this announcement.


»Order Online♪



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