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【Upcoming Series】Patissier in the Forest Series will be available on January 17th (Fri)

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We would like to introduce our upcoming items♪

Apple pies, tarts, cookies... Deep in a forest, little patissiers are busy making sweets♪
Here is the new sweet and cute series that makes you want to have a tea party by the sweet smell

Don't miss out♪



Patissier in the Forest

< Release Date >
Online: around 5:00 p.m. on January 17th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store: opening time on January 18th (Sat)

< Products >
• Patissier in the Forest Long Sleeve Dress
• Patissier in the Forest Bustle Dress
• Patissier in the Forest Ribbon Dress
• Patissier in the Forest Ribbon Headband
• Patissier Style Mini Apron
• Maid Cap with Squirrel Ears
• Squirrel Ears Clip
• Lace Frill Shirring Blouse

< Colors >
Mustard, Red, Green

Sample Products Display
The sample products of this series will be displayed at stores.

* The latest information will be posted on the stores' Twitter account. Please note that the display products may vary depending on the situation.

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