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Long Sleeve Square Neck Frill Blouse (Crepe de Chine)
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Long Sleeve Square Neck Frill Blouse (Crepe de Chine)

PRODUCT NO: 110330058


It is a basic long sleeve blouse ♪
The crepe de Chine fabric is smooth and light to wear. It doesn’t wrinkle easily. The crepe de Chine fabric makes the blouse to dressy mood ♡

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(¥15,800 + Tax)


Basic Series


- Off White : off white lace/ off white ribbon

- Black : black lace/ black ribbon


front button down, shirred front and back

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon brooch x 1
* back waist ribbon (detachable by button)


This blouse is Regular Size.

★Length: BC-51cm(20.0in)+frill 3cm(1.1in) / BNP-51cm(20.0in)+frill 3cm(1.1in)
★Bust: approx.72cm(28.3in) ~ approx. max 135cm(53.1in)
★Waist: approx.62cm(24.4in) ~ approx. max 130cm(51.1in)
★Shoulders: approx.35cm(13.7in)
★Sleeve Length: approx.60cm(23.6in)+ frill 5cm(1.9in)+ lace
★Sleeve Width(around upper arm): approx.41cm(16.1in)
★Armhole: approx.45.5cm(17.9in)
★Cuffs: 18cm(11.8in)

*The minimum size is the size measured on a flat surface without pulling on the shirring part. Since elastic thread is used for the shirring part, please note that it may be slightly different from the indicated size due to the thickness of the fabric.

*Please note that depending on your body shape, you may be feel tight, and it may be difficult to wear even within the size range.


crepe de Chine (100% polyester),
torchon lace, chemical lace, satin ribbon


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