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【New Color】The Beauties of Nature Series will be available on April 10th (Fri) online

Thank you for visiting our website♪
In response to your request, the much-loved Japanese pattern series has come back!
The pattern of beautifully drawn Japanese motif is perfect for the season from spring to early summer♪
The new colorway "Red" is added.



The Beauties of Nature ~blooming flower dress for maiden~ 2020

< Release Date >
In-Store: opening time on April 10th (Fri)
Online: around 5:00 p.m. on April 10th (Fri) (JST)


< Products >
• The Beauties of Nature Pleated Dress
[colors] Black, White, Red, Jade Green

• The Beauties of Nature Ribbon Barrette
[colors] Black, Red

• The Beauties of Nature Ribbon Headband
[colors] Black, Red


* The Beauties of Nature Pleated Dress is available only in the regular size.

Regarding the items not listed on the product page of online shop
* The hair accessories of this series in White or Jade Green colorway are few in stock.* If you would like them, please make an inquiry via inquire button on each product page or by email (
* On the inquiry page, please choose "Order" as your inquiry type.
* Please let us know a product name, color, quantity and your name and shipping address. If you would like more than one colors or items, please let us know the priority order.
* Please note that there is no guarantee that it would be kept for you. Your name will be put on the waiting list when you inquire about them.

* The items might be sold at stores at a later date depending on the selling situation.


About the Launch at Stores

The items will be available from opening time of each store on the release date above.
Please refer the each store's "ACCESS" page on the Shop List. There is an information how to purchase the new items in case that a store asks you to wait in line to purchase them.
* The details about the launch will be posted on the each store's Twitter.


About Inquiry and Waiting List

If the item you want is out of stock at online shop, please contact us via "Inquire about this item" button on each product page.
* On the inquiry page, please choose "Order" as your inquiry type.
* Please let us know whether you would like to put your name on the waiting list if the item you want is sold out at all stores.
* We will reply you within a few business days.

Order Online♪


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